Tom's Corner

Tom's Corner 

Dive into the mind and world of Thomas Ramsburg...

Thomas Ramsburg is a practitioner of Vedic Meditation, Author and fitness enthusiast who grew up in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. A graduate of Valley Forge Military Academy, he currently lives in Florida with his wife Juliet, their son Rocco, and a ferocious guard animal named Rosie the cat. 




Philadelphia 1985.

 Adam Lantana just wants to race his car on Front Street and go to Heavy Metal shows. He also wants to drink. A lot. But when his best friend's dad robs two million dollars from the Philly mob, his girlfriend is kidnapped and it’s on him to get the money back if he ever wants to see her again. 

Set in the months between that summer's horrific MOVE bombing and the Live Aid concert, with a Heavy Metal soundtrack blaring through the tape deck, HELL or HIGH DOLLAR follows Adam at a breakneck pace through the mosh pits, drag strips, seedy bars and mafia hangouts of Philadelphia toward a wild west showdown in the pine barrens of New Jersey.


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In a CrossFit gym on a Sunday morning, Tom and Scott Russell bumped into each other and bonded over their mutual love and respect for Vedic Meditation. Realizing they had both studied under the same teacher, Matt Cardone, they decided to get together before their Sunday morning workouts to sit and meditate together. Before they knew it, a tribe of meditators had sprung up around them. 

Scott invited Tom on the FTG Podcast and they talked about their passion for reading and learning, music, their shared experience with addiction and recovery, and following the call to adventure and creativity. But most of all, they wanted to let more people know how much the practice of Vedic Meditation had changed their lives. Together, they created Mantra Misfits, with the simple goal of raising funds to enable more people to learn to meditate.  Through raising awareness in their community, Scott and Tom have helped dozens of Vedic Meditators to begin their practice.