Support THE DREAMER PROJECT IN DEFYING THE ODDS of relapse through exercise & mindfulness! Defying the Odds of Relapse: Social Connection and Exercise Influence on Long-Term Recovery of Substance Use Disorder. Substance use disorder (SUD) and addiction is increasing in prevalence. This highly complex disorder does not discriminate, affecting individuals of all demographic backgrounds. For those who attain sobriety, consequences extend beyond the acute treatment period, subsequently requiring lifelong management for recovery. One of the most challenging tribulations during the conversion from addiction to sobriety is relapse. Acquiring social support, feeling connected to peers, and improved physical health may offer protection throughout the difficult transition period after acute treatment towards lifelong sobriety. Implementing a weekly exercise program that utilizes peer support group methods may allow this organization and others the ability to track abstinence rates after program completion, promote ongoing treatment adherence, and defy the odds of relapse.

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